I have a new song to share called "Sweet Home." It is my nostalgia. This video is about my memories of home and the places that made me.

Nostalgia is difficult to hold onto because it is always changing. The places we grew up have changed and our memories of them are never exactly accurate. I remember the smell of my dad’s vinyl collection, but in reality, I remember how it made me feel. Home is many things, but it is constantly changing, just like us.

The music video and song are out now.


My live album Sacred Spaces is out now! It's available digitally everywhere and on vinyl in my webstore.

Honestly, when we recorded this at St. Mark’s in Seattle for the live stream earlier this year, I had no idea that we would capture such a special performance in such a special place. So many of you asked for this to be released afterward, so we made it happen.

And I am bringing the Sacred Spaces tour to Europe, the US, and Canada! This is hitting some amazing rooms and I’m excited to share these nights together. It’s been 2 years and I can’t wait to see all of you. Many of these venues are seated, tickets are on sale now!


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