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You Knew It Was Me EP

My first wordless EP, You Knew It Was Me, is out now! You can listen to it everywhere.

I was probably 12 or 13, and I remember my short breath and shaking hands when I got up to perform at my state recital. My teacher, Mrs. Luce, gave me a slight smile, and I started my piece. Being “classically trained” sounds so fancy, but what it really means is that I learned to speak another language. I am grateful to the teachers who taught me to communicate through music instead of words, and this EP is dedicated to them. I hope these songs paint pictures in your mind and bring you a sense of peace and beauty, even in times of conflict and hurt. Here is You Knew It Was Me.

In Loving Memory of Sapna

Sapna, the ten-year-old girl featured in the "Flags" music video, lost her battle with leukemia on October 1st. I can't even begin to imagine the pain that her family must be experiencing. It was an honor to tell a small part of her story and share it with the world.

My First "Piano" Song

This morning I released my first-ever "piano" song. I've released some piano versions of songs before, but "I Wanted To Leave" is the first song that was written for the piano. Click here to hear it.

I have a history of being in beautiful places and having a nagging feeling to leave. Even when I’m with people I love, these places start to feel cold and less like home the more I’m there. I think life is full of these juxtaposed environments where we pressure ourselves to stay or go. I wrote this song in Paris, such a beautiful city rich in culture and history.

I'm looking forward to releasing a few more of these in the coming months so I hope you enjoy.

The Dark

My new song 'The Dark' is out now. Take a listen and watch the lyric video by renald Louissaint.

I’m sharing this earlier than I was planning... I’m not even sure if this will be the final version of it, but I think it’s special and applies to what we are all experiencing as humans. My darkness looks different than yours, but we feel it in similar ways. Thankfully, I am loved by a wife and kids whose love shines bright.

Isolation is a damn trip. Good and bad, dark and light, a ton of polarizing feelings. I’ve kept busy working on new music while being isolated at home. It’s given me time to reflect on how we work through times of darkness, and how we can become better because of it.

I don’t believe we are meant to be alone, but that doesn’t change the fact that we often are. If this song finds you alone, I hope it walks with you. I’m excited for you to hear it, as well as a bunch of new ones soon.


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