My First Live Stream - SYML: Live From St. Mark's

St. Mark’s is an incredible cathedral in my hometown, Seattle. Years ago, my friends and I would lay on the floor of this church listening to monks sing their prayers, because they opened their doors to everyone. It was euphoric. I can’t think of a better word to describe this place other than “holy.” Playing a show at St. Mark’s seems nothing less than surreal. This was my first full-band show in over a year and my first official livestream event.

Like most of us, I have missed live music, so thank you for sharing this experience with me and other SYML fans around the world.


The DIM EP is here. My heart is in it, my family is in it, my friends and the world is in it. Like always, it’s yours now, so take it with you and let it melt in. Much love, Brian. 🖤

"STAY CLOSE" Song + Music Video

My new song and music video "STAY CLOSE" is out now. The song comes from an EP called DIM that also features the new song "TRUE."


TRUE, a new song.

Happy New Year 🖤


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